Guided Meditation & Counseling


Participants meditate in response to the guidance provided by a trained practitioner while healing the inner spirit.  Learn how to train your mind to reach a higher consciousness. 


Herbal Therapy


Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is a gentler approach to many modern day illneses.




The use of  plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds for the purpose of altering one's moodcognitive, psychological or physical well-being.


Auricular Therapy


This form of the medicine has integrated the Chinese meridian system. German Auricular Medicine has developed into a system using frequencies to assess and treat conditions specifically.


Emotional Freedom Technique


Also known  as  "tapping". The acupuncture points are stimulated to provide the basis for significant improvement in psychological and physiological problems.


Massage Therapy


When properly administered within the traditional framework. It is widely practiced and taught as an essential part of health maintenance and primary health care.