Empowerment Retreat
to Mar 12

Empowerment Retreat

Do you have a loss of interest in your work? Do you feel hopeless? Are you exhausted all the time? Do you feel stuck in life? Are you burned out?

Ready to bring your goals in sync with your passion? Ready to align your ideas and your actions and start living life with a feeling of purpose?

Then join our intensive retreat for self-discovery and development. You hold the answers. Let us help you discover the power within. Let us guide you through the stumbling blocks and unlock your potential to be empowered.

You will be guided though intensive therapy including meditation, behavioral techniques, and reflection. In a peaceful setting of absolute emotional safety. You will be guided to tap into your energy and gain inspiration. You can expect to leave with tools to take the power back in your life. 

Embrace the opportunity to open your mind and reconnect with life. 

Maxine Plompen is the lead therapist with more than 20 years’ experience, primarily in addictions care. She is committed to guiding clients to their optimal best. Supporting clients as they work towards balance in mind and body. 

Mikel Defays is a consciousness revealer. His teachings and lessons to master your life are pragmatic, oriented actions and yield results. He highlights the true desires of your heart, unmasks self-saboteur and reveals your full potential.

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